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Residents Page:
If your family missed being in the big book called Howard County 1882-1982 you are invited
to post your family history here. Please use the book as a guide. (Sample page included.)

(If you don’t have access to Howard County 1882-1992 ask me
and I will check to see whether your family is in the book.)

Please contact me for instructions on how to compose your story.
--Doyle Phillips









The Mountain Boomer is beautiful, fearless and native to
Howard County's limestone shelf areas. They grow big.
An oilfield worker reported seeing one about a yard long,
including its very impressive tail.

Know what this stone is called? Know where to find it? Answer below:





Coahoma Opal. In the area of Flat Top Mountain it is easily found, usually in limestone-like draws.

Calling all artifact collectors!
If you have collections from Howard County or very close by please email me about how to photograph or scan
your artifacts so that your catalog can be posted on this website. Please tell any other collectors you may know.
     The picture below is from Monty Clendenin. Incidentally most all the items are identified under the tab
Comanche War Trail Artifacts (top of this page).  --Doyle

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