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A RotaFlex oil pump, northern Howard County.

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Cosden Credit Card

Clayton McCarty's Station was on Gregg, vicinty of HEB.

From 18 July 1954 Big Spring Herald salute to Cosden Refinery edition:

Posted 27 July 2009:

Much of Howard County is dotted with old oilfield equipment from the 1920s.
Please correct my notes; I am far from an expert.

Below is a Spudder or Drilling Rig.

Below is a Pump Jack. It would have been used for shallow wells, as most wells were until
more modern and powerful drilling technology was invented.

Below is power source. As I understand it, oil wells were located pretty close together.
An electrical power house would drive this central unit which was attached to
steel cables that ran out to the surrounding pump jacks.

Below is what I believe to be a steam driven Pulling Unit. It would have been the main power source
at the drilling site. I suppose it would have been fired by a gasoline type of fuel.

Oil Field Camps, Poor Boy Camps and Rag Town