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In the northeastern part of the county you may see the remains of the dream called
Soash, a planned farming community that brought many families to this area in the
years of 1909 and 1910.

It was a well-financed and well-promoted effort by W.P. Soash. Even though a bank,
a large hotel, mercantile stores, and a restaurant were constructed the town was not
long-lived. The years of 1910-12 saw crop failures caused by drought, wiping out the
dreams and economic base of the citizenry. Combined with the proposed railroad
line having by-passed the town (1910), the bad weather effectively ended all further

W.P. Soash had bad luck when it came to weather; his failure was not as a promoter.
One major advertising magazine of the day praised his innovations in the field. For
example he designed his publicity to appeal to the wives and even daughters of
farmers. "We want the ladies to realize the land we have for sale is located in God's
country..." and a young woman would "probably marry a million dollar ranch man...
that is usually the destiny of attractive young ladies in this country."

Colonel C.C. Slaughter owned the largest ranching operation in the region for many
years. It was his land that Soash promoted. Slaughter thought highly of Soash so
promotional failures did not impede their relationship. 


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Posted 14 May 2009